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ChemBrite B-T (Boiler Treatment)

Product Data

Material Safety Data Sheet
  "ChemBrite B-T"        

An  effective  additive  which  guards  and protects against mineral scale formation, sludge, acidic  corrosion  and  pitting, and dissolved oxygen in process steam boilers.

  • Powerful sequesters to inhibit scale build-up

  • Oxygen scavengers to prevent corrosion

  • Alkalinity control to ensure water quality

  • Ion exchange for antifoam control

  • Reliable protection for your boiler

  • Contact us for pricing and available sizes



Add ChemBrite B-T® directly to feed or   make-up water.  Recommended daily additions of 1 oz. of   ChemBrite B-T®  for every 3 horsepower of boiler power to keep your boiler operating smoothly.



  Boiler Horsepower Recommended Additions

9 or less

3 ounces

10 - 20

6 ounces

20 - 40

12 ounces

40 - 60

15 ounces

60 - 80

22 ounces

80 - 100

28 ounces

Made in USA


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