ChemBrite products are Effective, Environmentally Friendly and Economical
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ChemBrite Products


With ChemBrite Line of products, your customers will experience the quality of cleaning they expect. Place your order and start experiencing the ChemBrite difference – “Your reputation …Spotless!”

The ChemBrite product line is more effeciant, earth friendly and economical than what the competition has to offer


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ChemBrite Neutral Lubricant

ChemBrite Neutral Lubricant is synthetic nonionic
neutral lubricant used to remove wet-side stains.

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ChemBrite P.O.G

ChemBrite an all purpose oily type dry-side
paint, oil and grease remover for spotting.

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ChemBrite Spray Spotter

ChemBrite Spray Spotter is an aqueous base
nonionic / anionic blend fatty acid free spot, soil
and stain remover for use in spray apparatus.
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ChemBrite Boiler Treatment

ChemBrite B-T is an effective additive which
guards and protects against mineral scale formation,
sludge,acidic corrosion and pitting, and
dissolved oxygen in process of steam boilers.

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ChemCharge is a premium anionic heavy duty
dry-cleaning detergent for
perchloroethylene charge systems.

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ChemClean is an economical anionic
charge detergent for Perchloroethylene or
petroleum charge systems.

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ChemDri is an effective dry volatile spotting agent
for use on dry or greasy pick-up soil or stains.

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ChemDuo is a non-oily base paint, oil, and grease remover
that safely removes machine / motor / salad / cooking oils,
cosmetics, ballpoint pen ink, gum, rubber and various
resins as well as oil and latex paint.

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ChemPro is a synthetic digestive agent for wet-side
spotting of blood, food, eggs, milk, perspiration,
vomit, discharge, and all other protein
stains derived from humans or animals

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Our ChemSize product is a liquid sizing agent that will restore
garments to their original crispness, as well as
providing added hand and body

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ChemSoft is a neutral pH wet-side detergent for
fine washable and delicates.

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ChemTan is a wet-side tannin spotter for the safe removal
of tanning stains such as coffee, tea, beer, soft drinks,
liquor, fruit juices, grass stains, mustard and wine.

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ChemTerge is an economical anionic heavy-duty
dry-cleaning detergent with added moisture.

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ChemTex is an anionic water-white dry-cleaing detergent
used in percchloroethylene or petroleum charge systems

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ChemBrite Aqua P.O.G.

ChemBrite Aqua P.O.G. Is an E3 spotter formulated to lift tough
ground in soil and oil based stains from washable garments.

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ChemBrite Silk Luster - Garment Restorer

ChemBrite Silk Luster - Garment Restorer Is an E3 spotter
formulated to lift tough ground in soil and oil based stains
from washable garments.

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ChemIonic - Cationic Injection Detergent

Concentrated cationic detergent with emulsified moisture
for maximum water soluble soil removal and excellent
static and lint control in an injection system.
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ChemPlete - Detergent, Sizing & Brightener

ChemPlete is a scientific blend of detergent, sizing and
brightener for use in perchloroethylene and hydrocarbon systems.

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ChemBrite Silk Spotter - For Water-Sensitive Fabrics

The hi-tech choice for pre-spotting water sensitive fine fabrics. Ready for use and
effective on nearly all unset stains. Balanced as a leveling agent to minimize
graying (redeposition), rings, shrinkage and the need to dry before drycleaning.
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