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Cationic Injection Detergent

Product Data

Material Safety Data Sheet
  "ChemIonic Injection Detergent"        

Concentrated cationic detergent with emulsified moisture for maximum water soluble soil removal and excellent static and lint control in an injection system. Provides improved hand and feel by promoting softer garments. Formulated for optimum cleaning action, soil and particular matter removal with greater solubilization and balanced to increase detergency, suspension and improve the overall drycleaning process. Inject as little as 1 oz ChemIonic detergent per 10 pounds of garments at the beginning of the drycleaning cycle.

  • Powerful cationic injection detergent for perchloroethylene systems
  • Garments feel softer and look brighter

  • Helps control static and lint

  • Excellent stain removal

  • Contact us for pricing and available sizes



ChemIonic® should be injected at the beginning of the drycleaning cycle. For best results, inject 1-2 ounces of ChemIonic® per 10 pounds of garments. For optimal cleaning performance, proper distillation procedures should be followed.



Made in USA


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