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ChemBrite Spray Spotter

Product Data

Material Safety Data Sheet
  "ChemBrite Spray Spotter"        

Product is an aqueous base nonionic/ anionic blend fatty acid free spot, soil  and stain remover for use in spray apparatus. Can also be used  in  a  dry-cleaning batch operation to increase effectiveness. This product has penetrating action that loosens soil and stains from garment.

  • Pre-spotter for spray application

  • Saves time and improves cleaning effectiveness

  • Use in batch operation for hard to clean loads

  • Apply to wet-spotted areas to eliminate ring formation

  • Safe on delicate fabrics

  • Contact us for pricing and available sizes



For spray tanks, mix one part ChemBrite Spray Spotter  with four parts water.  For hard to clean, heavily soiled loads, clean right in the wheel by running 3 minutes on filter, then add 2 oz. of  water with 2 oz. of ChemBrite Spray Spotter  for every 10 pounds of garment, batch run 5 minutes off filter, then 3 minutes on filter. Boost cleaning of regular dry-cleaning detergent by adding 2 oz. of ChemBrite Spray Spotter  per 10 pounds of garments.



Made in USA


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