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ChemBrite Neutral Lubricant

Product Data

Material Safety Data Sheet
  "ChemBrite Neutral Lubricant"        

A synthetic nonionic neutral lubricant used to remove wet-side stains. Can also be used as a spray spotter when mixed 4:1 with water. Combine with other wet-side spotters to improve wetting and penetration. ChemBrite Neutral Lubricant is effective in removing the last traces of dry-side stains such as writing ink, oxidized oils, and dyestuff.

  • Multi-use for spotting and wet-cleaning

  • Ideal for removing unset wet-side stains

  • Flushes completely

  • Safe on fabrics and dyes

  • Effectively removes traces of dry-side stains

  • Combine with other chemicals for protein and tannin stains

  • Contact us for pricing and available sizes



Apply ChemBrite Neutral Lubricant directly to the stained area. Fog with steam or water, apply mechanical action by rubbing with spatula or tamping with spotting brush; after soil is loosened from fabric, rinse with steam or water, feather out area. Dry before processing.


Made in USA


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